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Ghost Hunt Tour

Start: 8:45 pm - End approx: 11:30 pm

Mostly Fri & Sat Nights (except for special events)

Starting Location: Ivy House Parking lot - 589 Main St. & the End Location: Cary House - 300 Main St.

Ages 16+ – Only $30 per person


The Haunted Hangtown Ghost Hunt tour is not your typical ghost tour. You’ll join our team as we walk the haunted streets of Placerville, “old hangtown”, carrying and utilizing some of the latest paranormal equipment to hunt down the spirits that walk among this historic, mining town.

As we visit the paranormal hotspots that our team has found to have the most activity, you’ll learn of the mass exodus to the foothills of El Dorado County to seek their riches in gold. You’ll gain some insight to why this town is so haunted; the hardships, the illnesses, the diseases, the fires, the secret societies, and of course you’ll learn how Placerville got it’s name “old hangtown”.


Your experience will start at the Ivy House Parking lot
(just across the street from Main Street Melters)
Address: 589 Main St., Placerville, CA 95667
(corner of Main and Clay Street)

The tour will end at The Cary House
Address: 300 Main St., Placerville, CA 95667

When you arrive your Ghost Hunt guides will be waiting
for you. Gene and Stephanie will
be wearing a Haunted Hangtown Ghost Tours t-shirts.


The first 90 minutes of your ghost hunt, we will introduced you to our team and the paranormal equipment you’ll be using. We’ll walk main street and visit haunted locations such as Tortilla Flats where objects have moved on their own and massive dark shadows have been seen. Cuppa Coffee & more where a spirit of a little girl has been seen and communicated with. We will attempt to make contact with those spirits and others that still lurk down main street and among the buildings. Bring your camera, your senses, and an open mind, you never know what you may see, feel, hear.

Each tour group will be provided the latest equipment to possibly collect paranormal evidence. We will utilize ITC (Spirit Box) devices and EVP recorders to capture and record disembodied voices, MEL Meters and EMF devices to identify changes in the environment, REM pods with triboelectric tools, and good ol’ fashioned dowsing rods to detect energy presence in our midst.

The last hour of your ghost hunt tour will take place inside the historic Cary House Hotel where you will partake in a real mini paranormal investigation.

Keep your eyes and ears open because the spirits are all around us. No frills, no gimmicks, no tricks, no costumed characters to jump out and scare you. Your tour guide is a paranormal investigator who will take you on a hunt down the dark, deserted streets of late night Hangtown.


At the end of each ghost hunt tour, your group will go inside the historic, and very haunted, Cary House Hotel and other locations as they become available. While inside, you will take part of a real, mini paranormal investigation. You’ll also learn of the history of each historic, haunted building, the stories of their hauntings, and what our team has found during our investigations.


There will be parking available in the Ivy House Parking Lot, our starting location, but there is also parking lots along Main Street closer to our final destination, and a parking structure on Center street, just off of Main Street that will leave you closer to your car at the end of the tour. The Hangtown Ghost Tour crew will be able to walk you to your car if you have to walk back to the starting location.

For booking call: (530) 748-0435
Other inquiries call: (925) 642-6471

For booking call: (530) 748-0435
Other inquiries call: (925) 642-6471

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