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The Cary House Investigation

Cary House Investigation

Cary House Investigation

Start: 8:30 pm - End: Approx. 1:30am

June 9 & July 7, 2019

Starting Location: The Cary House 300 Main Street Placerville, CA 95667

Ages 16+ – Only $50 per person

Cary House Investigation

Cary House Investigation: Join us inside the historic, haunted Cary House for a 4 hour investigation event, with privileged access to the entire hotel (except any employee only areas).

June 9, 2019 Time 7:30 – 11:30 pm
July 7, 2019  Time:  7:30 – 11:30 pm

Originally the El Dorado Hotel, the Cary House has a storied history as a mainstay in this historic mining town.  Dignitaries, famous figures, and the pioneers of Placerville, ol’ Hangtown have stayed here…some of the many guests, former employers, and old gamblers and miners still…reside and have no intention of ever leaving.  Haunted Hangtown Ghost Tours is going to hunt those spirits down and attempt to communicate with them.
Of course, we can’t guarantee that spirits will communicate, but as part of a paranormal investigative team you understand the spirits don’t always come to play.  We will video the entire evening to analyze after the event and we will share the highlights of what we capture…The Cary House activity has not yet disappointed.


7:30 pm Introduction and ghost hunting tip
8:00 pm the investigation begins
11:30 pm Depending on the activity of the spirits – the hunt will end.
(might want to make arrangements with your employer for sufficient sleep)
We will investigate:
  • The Milton Room – we will set up a trigger event.  Whiskey, shot glasses, gambling, and women
  • The Horace Greeley Breakfast Room – the most active room where there has been intelligent communication with our paranormal equipment and deprivation sessions
  • Lobby and Staircase – where the ghost of Stan the Bellman is said to be seen
  • Haunted Rooms – we will have access to one of the more haunted rooms inside the Cary House.
  • If time permits, the patio, where there is rumored to be heard sounds of partying miners and laughing women.


Each member of the group will have their own ghost hunting equipment.
The investigation will utilize:
  • EMF meters
  • MEL Meters
  • Ovilus V
  • Parascope 360 – Triboelectric Field Meter
  • Handheld Rem Pod
  • Handheld static electricity detector
  • Rem Pod
  • Spirit Box
  • Ghost Box
  • Flir Thermal Camera
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Estes Method/Deprivation Session
  • Creepy Clown (of course)


$50.00 Per Person Ages 16 and over – please reserve your spot online
(walk-ups will not be allowed as we expect this event to sell out)
Cary House Night Vision_1.5.1


Investigation Begins Promptly at 7:30 PM
The Cary House
300 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667 

For booking call: (530) 748-0435
Other inquiries call: (925) 642-6471

For booking call: (530) 748-0435
Other inquiries call: (925) 642-6471

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