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Frequently Asked Questions


When do the ghost hunts take place?

Regular Ghost hunt tours are usually Friday & Saturday nights –

Sunday night tours will take place Labor Day Weekend

Special Events and impromptu Ghost Hunt Tours may pop up.  Sign up for email list and follow us on Facebook for announcements

What time do the ghost hunt tours begin?

Fridays & Saturdays –
Check-in time:  8:30 pm
Start time 8:45 pm – End time approx. 11:30 pm
Check-in time:  7:30 pm
Start time:  7:45 pm  End time – approx. 10:30 pm

Always check your confirmation for details about time and start location.  If last minute changes are made, you will be emailed or texted with the new details.

How long is the ghost hunt tour?

The Ghost Hunt usually lasts around 2 hrs and 45 mins.

The distance is approx 3/4 of a mile.  There is a lot of standing but there are places to sit and rest during the outside part of the tour as well as inside the final, featured location.

  • The first 15 mins of the tour is an introduction to our team and your paranormal equipment.
  • The first part of the tour, down haunted main street is approx 90 mins outside as we visit different haunted locations and learn the history of the town and the buildings.
  • The paranormal investigation that ends the tour in our featured, haunted location will last approximately 60 mins.

The hunt can go a little longer or shorter depending on the activity and willingness of the spirits to communicate

How much does the ghost hunt tour cost?

Haunted Hangtown Ghost Hunts are $30 per person.
Reschedules will not be allowed during Sept. and Oct. events. No refunds on cancellations will be allowed.

NOTE:  Depending on our featured location or any partnered location that we may go inside, it is possible the fee may be more.

Group rates may be available.  Call for booking information.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

Tours have great potential to sell out. Advance purchase is recommended to reserve your spot so that you don’t miss out on the hunt.  Also this will let us know how much equipment will be needed for the ghost hunts, especially in September and October.

Is there an age limit? Is this tour suitable for children?

We recommend that all guests be at least 16 yrs old.  All children younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult unless previously agreed upon

The Ghost Hunt tours are geared toward the paranormal and we always finish with a real paranormal investigation.  If you feel that your child can handle talking about ghosts, spirits, and what goes bump in the night…that’s your decision. We don’t require ID, so please try to adhere to the age limits.

Is tipping or gratuity allowed?

While gratuity is never expected, if you think that your guide provided a unique and memorable experience, we hope you will show your appreciation at the end of the tour.

What happens if guests are disruptive?

Unruly or disruptive behavior, especially drunken behavior will not be tolerated.  If a guest is being disruptive to the guide or other guests, the guide will ask them to refrain from continuing their disruptive behavior. If the guest continues to be disruptive, it is the guide’s discretion to ask the guest to leave the tour, in which case, the price of the ticket will not be refunded.

Where do the ghost hunt tours depart?

Always check your confirmation email for starting location:

Most Ghost Tours will start at the following location:

Starting location: Ivy House Parking lot. (just across the street from Main Street Melters) Address: 589 Main St, Placerville, CA 95667 (corner of Main and Clay Street)

End Location:  The Cary House – 300 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667

Ghost Hunt special event locations will be announced on our Event Page and Facebook events.

Is there parking near the tour?

There will be parking available in the Ivy House Parking Lot, our starting location, but there is also parking lots along Main Street closer to our final destination, and a parking structure on Center street, just off of Main Street that will leave you closer to your car at the end of the tour. The Hangtown Ghost Tour crew will be able to walk you to your car if you have to walk back to the starting location.

Does the tour happen rain or shine?

In most cases, a scheduled tour will continue unless it is dangerous for our visitors.

It is possible that the location of the tour may be changed and will be completely inside.  If changes are to be made, we will contact each guest to give them the choice of attending that tour inside as a paranormal investigation and brief history of the location or rescheduling for another night.

If we cancel the tour due to dangerous weather, guests can reschedule for another night.

NOTE:  If a ghost hunt tour does take place and continues outside and it is raining, the paranormal equipment normally used during the tour may be limited.

Haunted Hangtown Ghost Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour if there are not enough participants or if weather doesn’t permit.

Refunds will not be issued but instead we will grant you a raincheck and work with you to reschedule.

What are Special Investigation Events?

Special investigation Events are paranormal investigations inside a featured, haunted location.  Locations and price will vary.  Current partnered locations:

  • Cuppa Coffee & More
  • Tortilla Flats
  • Cary House Hotel

More to come as we partner with other haunted locations.

How much are the Special Investigation Events?

Special Investigation Event prices vary depending on the location and the length of time spent on the investigation.

I am running late for the tour. Will you wait for me?

Unfortunately, not. We must start the tour on time because our other guests do not want to wait and we have a schedule to get through the tour and to our final featured destination. 

The tour leaves promptly. No refunds will be issued to people who are late and miss the tour. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to the tour and find parking!

What is a ghost hunt?

Ghost hunts utilize paranormal equipment and although you will learn history of the haunts during the hunt, they are about the paranormal investigation experience! You will get a first hand participation in an actual mini-investigation.  The hunt offers the greatest potential for a paranormal experience because devices will be used during the hunts.

It’s no guarantee you will have that experience, but there’s no guarantee you won’t.  Keep your eyes, ears, and senses wide open.

What should I bring with me?

Comfortable shoes are a must! Summer tours can get a bit toasty and humid.  Bring fluid. 

Winter tours can get REALLY cold and damp.  Dress VERY warm, it does get cold along Main Street.

Bring appropriate clothing and an umbrella if there is a hint of rain.

Also, bring your phone camera and take as many pictures and video as you want.  Flash photography or lights from your video cameras can be disruptive.  We will have flashlights available to assist with your picture taking. Remember, steady hand and patience. Darker pictures require more time to focus.

What equipment do you use on the Ghost Hunt?

Each tour group will use some of the latest equipment to possibly collect paranormal evidence. We will utilize EVP recorders to capture disembodied voices, MEL Meters and EMF devices to identify changes in the environment, and REM pods with triboelectric tools to detect energy presence in our midst.  Temperature guns and dowsing rods may be used.  ITC Devices such as Spirit Boxes, Ovilus and communication apps will be utilized during the hunts.

Flashlights will also be provided for dark areas and to assist with picture taking.

Can we bring our own ghost hunting equipment?

Heck yes.  We don’t have everything and there is some great gear that we would love to see used during the hunts and the walks.  We are a team hunting down spirits.  Please don’t bring large video cameras.

Hunts and tours take place in locations which have a high number of reports of paranormal activity, the tour offers the opportunity for both paranormal enthusiasts and experienced paranormal investigators to use their own equipment to seek out hauntings.

We do ask that you please let us know what equipment you have brought so that it would not get mixed in with any equipment we may be using on either our tour or ghost hunt.

Do you go inside buildings on the tour?

Our featured, haunted location where we end the tour will usuallytake place inside except for occasions where they are unavailable.

Most of Hangtown’s businesses are still active and open and the majority close rather early.  The greater part of our ghost hunts will take place outside at the locations that have been designated as an active paranormal hotspot by our investigation team.

On special occasions we may be able to enter a location and have a mini investigation inside.  This requires gracious owners of locations to have employees or themselves come back after their locations have closed.  In some cases, the cost of entering the location will be passed on to the cost of that night’s tour.

We will be working on special events where investigations will take place with a short tour with an exclusive paranormal investigation inside.

We expect visitors to have paranormal experiences at the outside stops on the tour, as well.

Can you guarantee we will see a ghost?

As we all know, spirits are very unpredictable and nobody can ever guarantee you will see a ghost or even experience paranormal activity, but we will have investigated the paranormal hotspots and will share with you those spots.

We have reports from locals and visitors, books, and stories passed down through generations of seeing shadows, figures in windows, feeling their clothing tugged by invisible forces, and hearing disembodied voices, as well as having captured orbs, mists, and even full-bodied apparitions in photographs.

Check your pictures and videos very close after the tour has ended.  Most paranormal evidence is found after the fact.  And of course, as part of the hunting expedition, we welcome you to share any of your findings with us at or Facebook or Instagram.

Are pets allowed on the tour?

No, please leave all pets at home for the tour.

Can I take pictures on the tour?

We welcome picture taking, but ask that the use of flash be minimized while the guide is telling a story. If picture taking during a story becomes distracting, the guide will ask you to wait until they have finished the story.

It will be recommended to put your phones into airplane mode so that there will be less chance of any contamination or interference from phone signals with the investigating equipment.

If you capture any paranormal phenomena on your camera, we would appreciate it if you email your photo to or share on social media; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Is it all right for me to text or use a cell phone during the tour?

Not really.  It’s really disruptive to the tour guide and your fellow visitors.

Again, it will be recommended to put your phones into airplane mode so that there will be less chance of any contamination or interference from phone signals with the investigating equipment.

What if I have to use the bathroom during the tour?

Please try to use the rest room before the tour.  There are several locations to use the bathroom, but most of them are bars and have an age requirement or close early.

About 90 minutes after the ghost hunt tour begins, there will be a quick bathroom break at our featured, haunted location.

We can direct you in case of bathroom emergency, but due to time constraints the tour must go on.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our route is fully accessible to wheelchair, scooters and strollers.  The sidewalks are not wide and there is a bit of an incline during part of the walk.  Be prepared.

Where is a good place to eat before/after the tour?

Downtown Placerville, Haunted Hangtown, is full of wonderful places to eat, drink and shop.  Tortilla Flats is just down the street from our starting location most nights and has wonderful Mexican food.

Check out or the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce business section for recommendations.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes, group rates are available for groups of 10 people or more.

Groups may also schedule private tours outside of our usual schedule and will be priced accordingly.  Contact us for private tour pricing.

To schedule a group, contact us via email or Facebook Messenger.

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